Princess Anne Families

This site is a genealogy database of Princess Anne County, Virginia, families for the period 16911910. Genealogies are based on original and published records.

Visitors may freely search and browse the database after creating a login account. Account information is used to notify users of database updates.

To date, the database includes families identified by the following sources:

  • Carolyn L Barkley, Princess Anne County, Virginia Marriage Bonds, 18221850 (Lovettsville, Va: Willow Bend Books, 1997).
  • Melinda Jones Lukei, Princess Anne County, Virginia Marriages Volume 1, 18531910 ([Virginia Beach, Va.,]Melinda Jones Lukei, 2002).
  • Charles Fleming McIntosh, Brief Abstracts of Lower Norfolk County and Norfolk County Wills 16371710 (reprint: 1914, Westminster, Maryland: Family Line Publications, n.d).
  • "Princess Ann County Register of Marriages 18531939," microfilm #53, Central Library, Virginia Beach, Virginia.
  • Elizabeth B. Wingo, Marriages of Princess Anne County, Virginia, 17491821 ([Norfolk? Va], Elizabeth B. Wingo, 1978).
  • Anne Maling, Princess Anne County, Virginia Wills, 17831871 (Bowie, Md: Heritage Books, 1994).

Information is being added currently from the following source:

  • 1850 US Population Census, Princess Anne County, Virginia

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